What Size Silk Pillowcase Do I Need?

What Size Silk Pillowcase Do I Need?

Silk pillowcases are pretty and practical for everyday use. They can help you keep your hair (even skin health) on point, glamorize your bedroom in an instant - affordably, and make sleeping much more worth looking forward to. To ensure your utmost comfort, you should know how to determine and choose the right size for your silk pillowcase. 

What size silk pillowcase should you choose? Choosing the right size for your silk pillowcase depends on the size of your existing pillow. For reference, a Standard pillowcase measures 20 by 26 inches, a Queen pillowcase measures 20 by 30 inches, and a King pillowcase measures 20 x 36 inches.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to determine the right size for your silk pillowcase, two basic ones which we will discuss below. For a detailed reference, we also discuss the three most common pillowcase sizes in the market and some quick guides on how to go about with your pillowcase, whether it’s too big or too small.

What Size is Your Pillow?

 What size silk pillowcase do I need? | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories

The most obvious question here is: what size is your pillow? In essence, your pillowcase should match your pillow, which should ideally match the width of your mattress. Granted, there are many kinds of pillows on the market. Travel pillows. Throw pillows. Pregnancy pillows. And more. For this blog post, we will be focusing on regular bedroom pillows.


So how can you determine the size of your pillow? There are two basic ways to check:

🏷️ Check the Tag 

Most freshly purchased pillows have tags containing the material, quality standard, manufacturer, care instructions, and sometimes, the size of the pillow. This could either include the exact measurement (e.g., 20 x 30”) or the title size of the pillow (e.g., Super Standard). Once you have the pillow size, all you need to do is find the exact size of the pillowcase from your preferred brand and choose the color or design pattern you desire, a.k.a. the fun part!

📏 Measure with a Tape Measure 

The second method you can use to determine the size of your pillow is by measuring it. But you don’t want to use the soft tape measure for garments. Preferably, use a carpenter’s tape measure, which has a firmer structure and provides a more accurate reading. 


Remember to measure the pillow from end to end, not only the approximate size when the pillow is fluffed up. Doing so may result in shorter measurements and prompt you to buy a pillowcase a few inches too small.

Celestial Silk Pillowcase Sizes

Comparison of silk pillowcase sizes | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories

Once you have taken your pillow size, you can start selecting your pillowcase. At Celestial Silk, we offer three silk pillowcase sizes. We discuss each one below.

Standard Size: 20 x 26 inches

A standard-sized pillowcase measures 20 by 26 inches or 51 by 66 cm. One standard-size pillow perfectly fits a twin or a full-size mattress. It also suits a Queen mattress with a few inches to spare. Three standard-size pillowcases can fit a King size bed, although this doesn’t look quite as good. With that said, the bigger the bed, the bigger your pillow should ideally be.


When it comes to pillow sizes, aside from its pillow counterpart, a queen-size pillowcase can fit a standard pillow with some extra space for a loose look.

Queen Size: 20 x 30 inches

As the size suggests, queen-size pillows are perfect for Queen mattresses, which measure 60 inches wide and fit two pillows. If you have a Twin mattress, one Queen pillow will do nicely. A queen-size silk pillowcase will fit either a standard or queen-size pillow. 

King: 20 x 36 inches

A king-size pillow measures 20 by 36 inches and is ideal for King or California-King Size mattresses. King-size beds are perfect for massive bedrooms that accommodate two people in bed. A king-size pillow requires a king-size pillowcase. However, you can’t place a King size pillowcase on a Standard or Queen size pillow, because there will be too much excess material.

Why Pillowcase Size Matters

There are three C’s to remember when choosing a pillowcase size and why it matters. 

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Cozy aesthetic


First, for practical reasons, you want a hassle-free experience in changing your sheets and cases during Laundry Day. You want the process to be as smooth-sailing and efficient as possible. Second, you want to achieve the highest comfort possible during bedtime. Today’s sleep affects tomorrow’s productivity. The right pillowcase size can kickstart a sound slumber for you. 

Lastly, a pillowcase a few inches too big may not have drastic effects on your health or well-being, but it hits differently in an excellent way when you see a cozy and well-put bedroom. Your bedroom quickly transforms into an inviting and sleep-inducing sanctuary when everything is sized well and positioned in the right places.

Friendly Do’s and Don’ts

To get things done as fast as possible (including silk pillowcase shopping), we tend to overlook some details that prove more significant than we think. Here are some friendly reminders if you hit a block on finding the right pillowcase size.

Is the Pillowcase Too Small?

Don’t force it. It’s better to keep searching for the correct size than compromise the quality of your pillow. Getting too small of a pillowcase and trying to stuff your pillow inside can cause damage to the pillowcase. It also affects your sleeping comfort, affecting your next day’s work performance. Sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow for a prolonged period can eventually take a toll on your body.

Is the Pillowcase Too Big?

You can hem your pillowcase, but that's a hassle. Use a safety pin only as a last resort or quick fix. Otherwise, if you get a pillowcase too long, the excess fabric will bunch up and not be comfortable. Adding a safety pin to secure the loose material is practical, but it also adds a step to changing your pillowcases (and causes damage to the material). It’s best to opt for the exact size and fit to check all boxes of C’s: convenience, comfort, and cozy aesthetic.

The Wrap-Up

Whatever size silk pillowcase you should get solely depends on your existing pillow. Checking the tags or manually measuring the pillow are two effective ways to determine the accurate size of the pillow. With the right pillowcase size on hand, your bedroom will appear more comfortable and curated, helping good sleep come faster. 

For a generous selection of patterns, colors, and sizes, check out our Celestial Silk pillowcases made with 100% pure, grade-6A mulberry silk. The price starts at $40.

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