Our Story - Female Founded in 2014

We know the importance of a good night’s sleep: Better mood, better complexion, an extra glow, and more zest for life. Add some silk to your sleep, and it turns into a sublime, rejuvenating beauty sleep. Our mission at Celestial Silk is to offer the highest quality eco-friendly 100% Mulberry silk products at an affordable price. Our proprietary DiamondSilk pillowcases, eye masks, and spa headbands are durable, sleek, and dyed with only toxic-free dyes.


 A Message from the Founder

Life can get so hurried and hectic that you forget about caring for yourself. I know exactly how that feels. Let this thought sink in: Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. Taking time for yourself is vital, and every journey starts with a single step. Self-care begins with a good night’s sleep.

A good night's sleep starts with silk.         

Hi, I’m Danielle Jackson, founder of Celestial Silk. Our passion is creating high-quality silk and self-care products that are affordable to everyone so you can start your self-care journey.

In 2013, I was overworked and exhausted. I felt frazzled, and I wasn’t sleeping. But thankfully, that changed, and it all started with a silk pillowcase.

As a beauty writer, I focused on staying up to date on the latest and best beauty trends and techniques. While writing about tinting eyelashes and using gemstone rollers, I learned how beneficial silk pillowcases were for your hair and skin.

And it's incredible!!

After researching and testing brands, I realized that beyond the great beauty benefits silk pillowcases provide, keeping your skin moisturized and your hair frizz-free, they also help you sleep cooler, which gives you a better night's sleep.

This caught my attention! Better beauty sleep all with natural ingredients! A silk pillowcase could help me sleep better, keep my skin moisturized, and keep my curly hair frizz-free.

I couldn't find the kind of silk pillowcases I wanted.

However, soon into my search to find the perfect silk pillowcase, I became disheartened. In 2013, there were very few options for silk pillowcases. And they were not what I wanted. Either they were too expensive, the silk was too thin, or they weren’t pure silk. Additionally, there were no guarantees that the pillowcase dyes were non-toxic.

I realized that not only were these issues important to me, they mattered to other people too, and at that moment, the idea for Celestial Silk was born. I started learning everything I could about silk; how it’s woven, its beneficial properties, the different types of silk, and how silk could be dyed with non-toxic dyes.

Creating the ideal silk pillowcase...

After a year of interviewing different manufacturers, researching their manufacturing processes, and testing countless samples, I created the silk pillowcase I wanted.

During the initial phase, I discovered that existing silk brands priced their products up to 800% of the cost because silk was considered a “luxury” item. I was not going to do that.

In 2014 our first 100% 25 Momme pure mulberry silk pillowcase dyed with non-toxic dyes was introduced. And we priced it at less than half the cost of other silk pillowcases on the market. But the benefits didn’t stop there. The Celestial Silk pillowcase was the first 25 mm silk pillowcase with a zippered closure, so the case doesn't slip off your pillow.

Affordable, high-quality silk pillowcases were now a reality. And customers all over the world began buying our pillowcases.

Today we offer both zippered closure and envelope enclosure pillowcases in 28 colors and prints. And we still believe that while silk is a luxury, it doesn’t need the luxury price tag. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to promote the highest quality 100% Mulberry eco-friendly silk at affordable prices.

We continue this passion by bringing you the best in new self-care products, including sleep masks, spa headbands, and beauty rollers. Products that we are proud to offer and use ourselves every day.

Part of a whole life is helping others. That's why we donate 10% of all proceeds to charity. Additionally, we’ve happily donated more than three thousand silk pillowcases to chemotherapy patients and lower-income women.

I’m thrilled that you're visiting us! Celestial Silk customers mean the world to me, and I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to ask questions about our products and how to use them! We’re here to help make your Celestial Silk shopping experience the best.

    Congratulations on your self-care journey. I hope you sleep beautifully.