How Does Silk Help Hair?

How Does Silk Help Hair?

With all this talk about sleeping on silk, sometimes it’s hard to keep your facts straight. Though it might be common knowledge that silk sheets and silk pillowcases benefit your skin and hair, you might not know precisely how. If you’re tired of waking up in the morning with bedhead, you might want to read up on just what switching to a silk pillowcase will do for your hair.


How does silk help hair? Silk pillowcases aid in hair health by reducing friction, promoting a hypoallergenic and hygienic sleeping area, and letting your hair stay properly moisturized as you sleep. Silk also complements hair care routines with its non-absorbent fabric. This leaves all the good stuff on your hair, so you can always have a great hair day ahead. 

Provides Soft Sensation

The most noticeable characteristic of any silk product is its silkiness and smoothness. The silky part is mainly provided by fibroin in silkworms. This protein is the chief constituent of silk and spider webs and makes up most of the silk we touch and see. Once the silk thread has been degummed, and all the sericin protein has been removed, only the silky part is left behind. This is then produced into pillowcases, sheets, dresses, and other silk items.


The goodness of the fibroin protein is the root source of the benefits you can enjoy from silk pillowcases, scrunchies, and sheets - anything that concerns your hair, really! Of course, silk comes with its own benefits from its natural structure, quality, and attributes. Below are personal benefits you can enjoy from using silk pillowcases regularly.

Reduces Frizz & Bedhead

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Silk’s natural properties, like its smooth surface, help reduce friction on your hair while you sleep. Friction often leads to split ends, knotting, and hair damage. The smooth texture of silk allows hair to glide over it as you rest, reducing frizz, tangles, and the dreaded bedhead. While other fabrics like cotton snag your hair, hair gurus and stylists have long-used silk pillowcases to hold up hairdos like perms, blowouts, and braids for longer without added frizz or stress. 


On this note, there is a good reason why silk scarves make a great alternative to silk pillowcases. You can sleep peacefully at night while letting your scarf keep your curls tight and gorgeous for your next day’s beauty. In the shower, silk shower caps allow you to enjoy your bubble bath or wash your body while your hair remains dry, orderly, and soft.

Keeps Your Hair Clean

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Aside from keeping your hair pretty and healthy, silk is a cleaner surface to sleep on. Cotton is very absorbent, meaning it collects dirt and oils, exposing you to them as you rest. This also means cotton will strip your hair of natural oils and therefore dehydrate your hair while you sleep. Sure, you might look ready to go with dull hair in the morning, but you might want to think twice about the nutrients in your hair - or the lack of them!


Sleeping on silk allows your hair to lock in more moisture, keeping the natural oils intact and not adding other unwanted residues from previous nights. So what does it mean to have clean hair infused with natural oils? This can stimulate hair growth, combat dandruff, nourish the hair, and add shine to your mane! ✨

Hydrates Your Hair While You Sleep

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Silk pillowcases make for a healthier head of hair, especially when added to your nightly routine. Silk keeps your hair hydrated, encouraging stronger, less brittle hair. This is because silk has naturally non-absorbent properties that don’t trap in oils or moistures while, at the same time, it allows your scalp to breathe.


While cotton may absorb your hair’s natural moisture and oils, silk locks in hydration and encourages your hair’s natural movement. If you suffer from dry strands or scalp irritation, silk will be the gift you wish you’d already given yourself. 


One fun thing about silk pillowcases is that they can come in various colors, so there’s always one shade that fits your bedroom interiors perfectly. Look at our color selections of silk pillowcases and see how a simple change in color can drastically enhance your sleeping routine. 🛌

Complements Your Hair Care Routine

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Silk's slippery and smooth texture helps prevent frizz, tangles, and breakage, promoting shiny and soft hair. Switching to silk is a must-do if you splurge on good hair products, deep conditioners, or regular trims. 


Silk pillowcases will further supplement your devoted hair maintenance by supporting your hair as you sleep. While sleeping on silk may not directly make your hair grow, the significant benefit it has on your strands may even have you seeing your hair grow healthier and longer.


When you make conscious choices with your bedtime routine, it becomes much more efficient to get ready in the morning and not fuss over things that typically take time to do - like hair. You also have an assurance that your hair treatments are not going to waste and prove to be worthy investments for your hair health and emotional happiness.

Keeps Allergens At Bay

Is your pillowcase making your face itchy? Probably because it’s not silk. 🤭In all seriousness, though, silk is great at whisking away dust mites, bacteria, and all the bad stuff, thanks to its naturally hypoallergenic fibers. It hates mold, fungus, dust mites, and bed bugs just as much as you do! 


Allergies of various kinds have always been a problem since time immemorial. Using a silk pillowcase over any other fabric is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to make your hair (and your home) cleaner, fresher, and more relaxing. 


No extreme allergies but have sensitive skin? Silk pillowcases will serve you well. Aside from keeping off allergens, Celestial Silk pillowcases undergo a delicate manufacturing process without all the harsh chemicals in other pillowcases. This gives you more peace of mind that your hair and face won’t be infested with filthy enigmas. If you’re going to bury your face into a pillowcase, it might as well be hypoallergenic.

The Bottom Line

While the detailed mechanics of just how silk works may be lost to you next time someone brings up their hair care routine, the list of benefits is easy to remember: less frizz, less breakage, and fewer tangles plus more hydration, natural oils, and smoothness equal healthier hair overall. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself - you’ll be managing your hair for the rest of your life, so make sure it stays beautiful!


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