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How Does Silk Help Skin?

How Does Silk Help Skin?

May 18, 2020

The holiday season is tough on skin for a number of reasons; the air is colder, your skin is dryer and your to-do list keeps growing. While you might be in need of a good night’s rest, and maybe a day off, it’d be nice not to deal with skin frustrations along the way. Ring in this season’s cheer by combating the chilled winter air with the gift of good skin, thanks to a fresh set of silk sheets or a much needed silk pillowcase. Here’s an all-you-need to know of why silk is your best friend and skincare routine secret.

Skin Irritations Be Gone!

Silk’s long, natural and smooth fibers are tightly woven, decreasing your skin’s loss of moisture. This means it is better tolerated by people with sensitive skin. While eczema or other skin conditions may be agitated after resting on cotton sheets, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, keeping your skin clear and free of irritation. Other fabrics like wool, synthetic fibers and even cotton contain stiff woven fibers that cause skin irritation and flare ups. Switching to silk keeps your skin both hydrated and smooth, without bunched up sheets adding to your need for lotion.

                       silk pillowcases for skin health

Sheets that bunch up or fabrics that invite dust mites affect your nightly slumber. Silk stays cleaner than other fabrics, and its smooth surface makes for an easy night’s rest. Silk is produced from silkworms, raised and bred in captivity; this means they have no predators and produce finer silk fibers that have little chemical exposure. Chemical exposure is something we constantly come into contact with, but silk reduces the exposure, making your longest routine activity more beneficial.

Silk is also temperature-regulating; so when it’s hot your sheets stay cool and vice-versa. This means your body temperature can maintain against silk sheets as you sleep. Those who deal with frequent hot flashes or nightly sweats can probably already feel the benefit of this. But people with fragile, inflamed and sensitive skin will truly understand just how amazing a natural heat controller is.

Yes, My Skin is Glowing

Those pesky ‘sleep wrinkles’ seem impossible to prevent, but the lack of skin hydration and smoother fabrics cause these wrinkles. Silk is tightly-woven and its smooth fibers keep moisture locked into your skin. Sleeping on cotton dries your skin, but hydrated skin cells are plumper -- AKA way less wrinkles! Using a silk pillowcase offers a gentler place to lay your face, and is less likely than cotton to work against your skin, causing creases. After sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your skin will stay moisturized, a perfect beauty solution for those who suffer from dry and flaky skin.

                              silk pillowcase for skin health

If you roll around while you sleep, silk counters that not so awesome face squish. Waking up crease-free leaves your face refreshed and won’t absorb all those moisturizers and toners you use before you sleep. We spend so much money on skin care, it’s a bit upsetting to know that cotton sheets actually absorb facial serums, prompting more breakouts. Silk keeps your moisturizer on your face, and stays cleaner overall, resulting in a less puffy-looking morning face. Less facial creases and cleaner also means reduced redness. How you feel waking up in silk should be a reason alone to switch all your sheets, but the skin benefits are also noticeable right away.

So let’s break down the benefits of silk sheets and skin one more time. Silk reduces skin irritations, a major benefit to those who have sensitive skin, allergies or skin conditions. It also locks in hydration, leading to plump skin cells and less wrinkles. If these reasons weren’t awesome enough, silk pillowcases stay cleaner and won’t waste your skin serums and moisturizers while you sleep, meaning less breakouts and reduced redness.

While winter time means dry weather and chilly mornings, feel cozy year-round with silk’s natural temperature regulation. Avoid the added stress of dry and flaky skin as you get your holiday shopping finished, or simply give the gift of silk to someone you know will love it. Oh! And don’t forget to add Celestial Silk to your own gift list. Life is better with silk.

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