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25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Black

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Specially woven to be the perfect blend of brilliance and strength, our 25 momme silk pillowcases are made with our proprietary DiamondSilk which feels buttery soft and has a radiant sheen. All silk pillowcases are great for hair and skin health, but our silk pillowcase offers a smoother, shinier experience. 

Celestial Silk silk pillowcases are made with pure 25 momme mulberry silk on both sides of the pillowcase. Smooth and sleek, Celestial Silk pillowcases are wonderful for hair and skin health, but silk goes beyond beauty. Naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating, a silk pillowcase can help you sleep better too. 

Our Black silk pillowcase is beautiful and a perfect addition to any bedroom.

Available in standard, queen and king sizes - our silk pillowcases are made with 100% pure mulberry silk. We have two styles: zippered and envelope. Both are made with side enclosures and are designed to keep the silk pillowcase snugly on the pillow. The zipper is almost undetectable and secures the silk pillowcase on the pillow. The envelope style (also called the "housewife" style) is your traditional style of pillowcase with a hidden flap inside to secure the silk pillowcase while you sleep. 
What's MM stand for? You've probably heard of sheet quality being measured by thread counts - a higher count means higher quality. Silk quality is measured by a type of weight measurement called momme, abbreviated as mm. 
A 25 mm silk is thicker, more durable and more luxurious than lighter weights of 16, 19 and 22. A denser weave of 25 mm silk provides almost 30 percent more silk than its economical counterparts. Our 25 momme mulberry silk pillowcase is truly the epitome of luxury sleeping.

You spend almost 1/3 of your life in bed. 

Why not make the most of it? Make those sleeping hours work for you.  Mulberry silk pillowcases help retain the moisture in your skin and hair, resulting in a smoother complexion and softer ( and less frizzy) hair. Beautify while you sleep.

Every silk pillowcase arrives beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside an elegant black & gold embossed gift box. 
Sleep Soundly. Sleep Beautifully. Sleep on Silk. 

NOTE: Identical pillowcases of the same color, size and style will be gift-wrapped in one gift box, unless otherwise requested. 

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There's a rumor that laundering 100% silk sheets is difficult and time-consuming. For Celestial Silk products, this is simply not true. 

Mulberry silk sheets and silk pillowcases from Celestial Silk are made with your lifestyle in mind. Follow the care guidelines below for optimal appearance and durability of your mulberry silk pillowcases and pure silk sheet sets.

  • Machine wash (inside out) with similar materials in cold water on delicate cycle.
  • Use delicate, pH balanced detergent meant for fine materials. (Never use bleach.)
  • Ideally, minimize spin time to keep silk's shiny luster. 
  • Like all delicate materials, air dry inside, if possible, for optimal durability and appearance. (Prolonged sun exposure will harm your silk, so do not hang outside to dry on bright sunny days). 
  • It is not recommended (the silk will weaken and lose some of its luster) But...If you must use a dryer, tumble on cool, delicate or air-fluff setting for a few minutes. Remove silk when 80-85% dry. 
  • If you would like to iron to return the silk to its original sheen, use the silk setting when silk is slightly damp. Always iron inside-out to avoid damage. 
  • Silk sheets do not like sharp objects, so keep pet nails trimmed or keep pets off of silk bedding for optimal durability and appearance. 



Customer Reviews

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Harold Dean
Pillow case

Very nice


Have very dry hair, brake easily. Since I have my Silk pillowcase, my hair are smoother. Even my hairdresser asked me what I did

Christine O

These pillow cases are so wonderful to sleep on.

Jonathan Manson
Great material

Great material and case. Stays cool and feels amazing on skin.

Pamela Drennen
Best silk pillowcases

Celestial Silk is the only place I can find 25 Momme silk pillow cases. I put these in a laundry bag and throw in the wash. I never put them in the dryer. I hang them and they dry quickly. The best ever. I will always buy from Celestial Silk.