Why Choose A Silk Scrunchie?

Why Choose A Silk Scrunchie?

Whether you have a long mane or a medium-cut bob, you are bound to grab a hair tie or two to keep your hair from your face. Maybe it is to “think better, work better,” or you are about to get down and dirty for a long-planned spring cleaning. Whichever the task may be, you need something to hold your hair, and you need it now.

Perhaps you often spot a loose hair clip or bobby pin somewhere, stick it to your hair and think, “That’ll do!” But if you want something to get THE job done, you might want to grab a silk scrunchie instead. 

Silk scrunchies are designed to hold your hair for long periods without leaving dents, creases, or frizz. They come in various fun colors, patterns, and different sizes, so you could “peacock” your hairstyle or keep it lowkey. The best part about them is that you rarely misplace a silk scrunchie, unlike your typical hair clip. 

When it is made with silk, you just want to keep your scrunchies all to yourself. Almost convinced to grab a silk scrunchie for your own? By the time you are done reading this blog post, you will be checking out a cart full of Celestial Silk scrunchies straight from Amazon. That is a promise! 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

…Silk Scrunchies Are 100% Natural

Silk scrunchies are made from the proteins of the cocoons of real silkworms. Once the cocoons have been degummed, and the sericin (the glue-like substance that binds the proteins together) is removed, what is left is the fibroin protein which provides the buttery texture we all love about silk.

This intricate process makes the silk material hard to beat in terms of durability, authenticity, and longevity. Try as they may, synthetic satin materials do not compare to natural silk’s look, feel, and proven benefits. 

With silk scrunchies made with purely natural ingredients, they are 100% safe to wear by anyone, from little girls to millennials to senior women. So if you are looking for guilt-free hair accessories that make you look good and care for your hair with all-natural goodness, you will find shopping for a silk scrunchie a purchase worth repeating!

…Silk Scrunchies Are Great For All Hair Types

Whether you have pin-straight hair or a curly mane, it is always worth the time and effort to take extra care of your hair with the right accessories and products. Silk scrunchies cover the basics of hair care by allowing your strands to enjoy natural oils produced from your scalp. This benefits you long-term by protecting your hair from dirt, bacteria, and harmful elements that could enter your hair follicles and cause damage to your strands or scalp.

Silk scrunchies are beneficial for everyone. For instance, we all know how naturally coily or kinky hair requires extra TLC, and wearing silk scrunchies instead of your typical rubber hair tie is just one of the most affordable and accessible ways to care for your crowning glory. Similarly, thin fine hair is prone to hair loss, breakage, and frizz. So whether you have this hair type or otherwise, you can always benefit from the hypoallergenic, natural, and safe material of silk scrunchies.

Silk Scrunchies Are Great For All Hair Types | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Hair Ties


But that is not all! We love silk scrunchies for their versatility. You can use them in the daytime, at nighttime, or both. Attending a party? Add a touch of fun to your fancy ensemble with a silk scrunchie. Working all day? Keep your focus by putting your hair in a tidy bun and trying a new hair care regimen at night. Silk scrunchies can keep your hair in place and let it absorb the products well while you sleep. 


If you are going to jazz up your hair, you might as well do it with silk scrunchies that are safe, natural, and fabulous lookin’.

…Silk Scrunchies Provide Frizz-Free Styling

Frizz favors no one. Unless you are going for an 80s grunge-pop ‘do, a frizzy hair look has no business being near you. Enter the wonders of a silk scrunchie! One of the most practical silk scrunchies benefits you can enjoy is getting dolled up in your favorite hairstyle without worrying about frizz ruining your whole facade. 


With Celestial Silk scrunchies, you don't have to choose between aesthetics and beneficial properties. Our silk scrunchies let you have both. Modern-day mulberry silk scrunchies keep all hair types healthier and more manageable by reducing the friction that leads to frizz, breakage, and hair loss. Overall, just another great reason to go for a silk scrunchy. And while you are at it, you might as well start collecting all the colors because why not? 💁🏻‍♀️

…Silk Scrunchies Are Crease and Dent-Free

Hair ties are notorious for leaving dents on the hair. We know we have been “victimized” by them once or twice! Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that when you get silk.


Silk scrunchies are smooth and luxe with a naturally shiny appearance. Their buttery texture slides on the hair effortlessly so that you can wear your hair up all day with no creases or dents by nighttime. As if your hair was just as is. Amazing!


This property of silk highly favors those who love fixing their hair in different styles throughout the day. Or, if you are the type of person who wears hats, you could greatly benefit from having your hair up while maintaining the natural wave or curl of your hair. Silk scrunchies are also great for athletes or frequent gymgoers who love staying active. Silk scrunchies encourage focus in training by keeping hair away from the face while not exposing the strands to frizz or dents.

…Silk Scrunchies Help Boost Hair Health

Silk scrunchies are loved by many because of their non-absorbent properties. As a result, this helps your hair absorb all the products you apply - oils, serums, or creams - what have you! This ensures that your hair care products are not wasted on the scrunchies. Feel free to wear your scrunchies at night to secure your hair in a bun and wake up the next day with luscious waves.


With no dents, creases, and frizzes present, your hair stays well-moisturized with natural oils or care products. Considering all these benefits, scrunchies encourage the scalp to care for itself without invasive treatments or expensive products. With $16 per set of Celestial Silk scrunchies, you can achieve the hair of your dreams!

…Silk Scrunchies Add Glamour To Simple Outfits

Wearing silk scrunchies is one simple way to add class to your style. Scrunchies can still look retro if you want them to be, and you can as quickly pull off a clean, feminine look given the proper outfit and occasion. You can wear just about anything, and your silk scrunchy will instantly upgrade your look effortlessly. The best part of everything is not spending thousands of dollars on a single hair accessory. 


Choose from 15+ color combinations and four sizes from our collection at Celestial Silk to spruce up your look and make silk scrunchies the highlight of your ensemble.

Silk Scrunchies Add Glamour To Simple Outfits | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Hair Ties


Final Thoughts

Silk scrunchies are made from pure silk that provides antimicrobial, sweat-proof, frizz-free, and dent-free wear. They are made with natural ingredients that help achieve a luscious shine, buttery texture, and long-lasting material. A silk scrunchie can easily be the best bit of your look when paired with your outfit of choice. Feel free to wear it in the daytime or at night to keep your hair in a bun and let your hair care products soak well into your strands. Each time you wear a silk scrunchie, you boost your hair health by choice. 


Shop Celestial Silk pure mulberry silk hair ties through our official website or Amazon. Choose from 4 different sizes and over 25 color combinations.

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