Hair Products You Need If You Exercise A Lot

Hair Products You Need If You Exercise A Lot

With the new year fully underway, a lot of gyms, fitness classes and trainers are offering promotions for the month of January. Whether one of your resolutions is to start working out more often, or you're itching for your next morning run, you may find yourself struggling to balance your exercise routine and hair styling habits. While hitting the gym or attending yoga classes has a major impact on your mind and body wellness, there’s a bit of a conflict when it comes to your hair health. From tight ponytails, increased hair washes and constant restyling, frequent exercise does weaken and damage your hair over time. But simply changing your hair products and care routine will combat the negatives that may come from post-workout hair frizz. Don’t sacrifice your hair, thrive in both hair and body health this year!


Ever Heard of a Protective Pre-wash Hair Product? Well, Now You Have


When you sweat, your hair gets wet. Wet hair stretches and contracts, making it more fragile and prone to breakage. Your hair also gets wet more often when you shower after every workout.  But don’t let the fear of getting your hair wet keep you from your next pilates class. Simply look into fortifying pre-wash products that are designed to protect against excess water absorption. Maintain a healthy pH for your hair even if your choice of workout is swimming laps! These pre-wash hair products contain keratin, panthenol and moisturizers to reinforce your hair strands. Keep your hair in check through all your physical activities by applying a pre-wash product before you get moving.


Ditch Elastic Hairbands for Crease-Free Silk Hair Ties


One of the number one reasons for hair breakage is a tight elastic hair band. Ask your hairstylist the next time you go in for a trim, and they’ll agree. Tying your hair up every day in the same spot weakens your hair. The intense pressure created from the tighten elastic band also eventually causes hair loss and damage. That’s why switching to silk hair ties might be one of the best changes you can make to your daily routine to improve your hair health. Using silk hair ties is easy with our trio package of silk hair ties. Silk hair ties don’t feel as tight as an elastic band, but you’ll be able to exercise and keep your hair in place, with the bonus of letting your hair down post workout without big hair creases. Silk also won’t dry out your hair, keeping in more hydrated and healthy.


Leave-In Conditioner is Your Exercise-Ready Hair Product

Make the most of your time working out and wear a leave-in conditioning treatment while you exercise. This is an easy-to-do trick that offsets the damage that follows tight ponytails and increased hair washes. Before you braid or tie your hair, work in some leave-in conditioner through your strands and then style. Once you’re finished with your workout, your hair will be ready to be washed. In fact, just rinsing your hair with more conditioner instead of shampoo after you use a leave-in conditioner will make your hair ready-to-go for post gym excursions. 


Sleeping on Silk Makes Your Hair Even Stronger

Ok, if you don't already own a set of silk pillowcases, now is the time to upgrade your sleep routine. You probably keep hearing about them anyways, and there’s a reason! Silk pillowcases are beneficial for your skin and especially for your hair if you exercise often. The silky texture doesn’t rub against your hair like friction-causing cotton pillowcases. Much like elastic hair ties, cotton pillow cases weaken your hair, causing damage over time. If your new workout routine leaves you struggling with frizz, silk pillowcases are your nightly solution. They also help your hair retain more moisture, which can help with those extra showers and hair washes post workout. Switch to silk and watch your hair change before your eyes.


Best Not Forget Dry Shampoo


Ok so it’s 2020, that means you probably are already benefiting from dry shampoo. But working out a lot means your dry shampoo is probably building up on your scalp. Do some research and switch to a less damaging dry shampoo. You use it every day anyway, so why wouldn’t you invest in one that’s better for your hair? Some dry shampoos are actually designed to help protect your scalp, and it’s such an easy solution for post-gym hair. Simply add some to your brush and work it through your hair, or sprinkle a lighter amount to your scalp than you would normally use. So get running, it’ll be easier than you think to keep your hair on course as well.

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