Best Silk Pillowcase For Hair

Best Silk Pillowcase For Hair

Silk has been around for ages, and there's a good reason for this. Silk has so many great benefits! Silk has always been a luxury item, but today, most can afford to pamper themselves a little. With lives getting busier and better sleep getting harder to attain, we have more reasons to #SwitchToSilk and experience the power of silk pillowcases for hair.

As you're trying to find the best silk pillowcase for hair – knowledge is power, and that power depends on the information you possess. Deciding on silk pillowcases requires care, as your nightly sleep relies on the quality of the silk pillowcase. Making an informed purchase enables you to make the best choice for your wellness. This includes knowing the best momme count, enclosure style, and grade of silk, among others, for the best silk pillowcase for hair. 

What is the best silk pillowcase for hair? The best silk pillowcase for hair provides the right balance of durability and comfort. Objectively, choosing a silk pillowcase with Grade 6A silk, 25 momme, and OEKO-TEX Certified quality is best. Enclosure style, size, and design or pattern depends on your personal preference.

Silk Pillowcase For Your Crowning Glory

Since its discovery, silk has been glorified as a luxury item preserved for the rich. The wealthy had it; everyone else yearned for it. While silk has an undeniable sophistication to it, modern technology has made it possible for silk to be more accessible and affordable for the mass market. 

In our honest opinion, silk being unattainable for the average person should be a thing of the past. Silk, in general, needs to start being the talk of the town instead. Because let’s face it, everyone deserves to sleep beautifully, no matter their socioeconomic status. You deserve silk; we deserve silk, everybody deserves silk!

Silk Pillowcases Encourage Hair Health

Silk pillowcases encourage hair health | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Accessories

Silk is an amazing moisture barrier with its tightly knit, charmeuse weaved goodness. This means more moisture for your hair, face, and skin. Cotton is widely popular but does more harm than good with its highly absorbent fabric. 


Think of cotton as a bath towel absorbing all the moisture from your body after you shower. It leaves your skin and hair feeling dry and, at times, patchy. You can expect the same results from using cotton pillowcases.


Now, silk, on the other hand, is excellent at letting your hair and skin enjoy all the moisture it needs. For your hair, this means fizz-free mornings and zero tangles to the touch and sight. So long to waking up with a rat's nest! In fact, silk has got you whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am. With fabric soft like butter, you’d want to nap no matter what time of the day. Also, silk is excellent for the skin as it is for hair. Sensitive skin? Lots of allergies? Acne-prone? Easy solution: #SwitchToSilk and let a silk pillowcase for hair prove all the difference!

Silk Pillowcase for Hair is an ✨Investment✨

Silk pillowcases are an investment for hair | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Accessories

Most people look at silk as an object of luxury. This is true in some sense, but it’s a luxury worth having. In the world of self-care, we call it an investment. It requires mindful shopping to find the perfect silk pillowcase for you. And when you do, you'll be glad to make the purchase!


Silk pillowcases are more than an additional pop of color or shine in your bedroom. It’s a piece of fabric sanctuary - weaved meticulously to lull you into slumber and take care of your hair as you sleep. It’s buttery to the touch and feels oh-so divine. ✨


Follow the cleaning instructions and keep the fabric away from harmful ingredients, and your silk pillowcase will serve years of purpose with a one-time purchase. Say it with us: Best bang for the buck! 💸👌🏻

Silk Pillow Shopping: A Brief Guide

Silk pillowcase shopping guide | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Accessories

Did you know there’s more to silk shopping than choosing the color? Yes! So if you’re guilty of prioritizing the look, we suggest putting it at the bottom of the list and exploring more important aspects first: Silk grade, momme count, and quality standard. This section collates the most important details of each factor. For an in-depth guide, check out this blog post: How to choose a silk pillowcase.


Now onto your shopping guide!


Momme count to silk is what thread count is to cotton. Momme determines the quality of the silk pillowcase based on the weight measurement of 45 inches by 100 yards. In essence, a thicker momme count equates to better, thicker quality silk. Of course, by “better,” this also depends on the purpose of the fabric. As a pillowcase, silk is best woven with a 25-momme count. This proves ample comfort and thickness. Anything higher than this momme count would feel close to sleeping on drapes.


The grade of silk is another important factor you want to pay attention to. There are many categories and subcategories to silk grade. For silk pillowcases, a grade 6A is your best choice. This unravels seamlessly, stretches thoroughly, and has the most breathable silk thread. 


Next, the type of weave determines the longevity and durability of a fabric. For silk pillowcases, charmeuse weave proves to be the best. Lastly, quality, alongside proper care, is critical for a lasting pillowcase. With “confidence in textiles” as their motto, an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified silk pillowcase guarantees the material's quality, safety, and authenticity. 


Combine all these best factors and you’re close to finding the best silk pillowcase for you. Lastly, the design and type of enclosure are determined by you. Remember, envelope-enclosed pillowcases are best for stuffy pillows, while zipper pillowcases go best on thinner pillows. 


Whether you want your pillowcase in an envelope, zipper, or both types of enclosures, feel free to read this blog post for in-depth information on pillowcase enclosure types.

Celestial Silk Pillowcase For Hair

Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Accessories

Celestial Silk aims to help everyone sleep beautifully by offering one premium quality pillowcase at a time. This means we put all our hearts and utmost efforts into producing the best silk quality possible. We study every detail and uncover every potential problem to provide the best solution.


In short, we do all the work, so you don’t have to! 


Our silk pillowcases are made with 100% pure grade 6A, 25-momme mulberry silk. Proudly, our brand was the first mainstream brand to offer silk pillowcases with a zipper enclosure. Our silk pillowcases are made with non-toxic dyes so thatyou can sleep beautifully and safely every night. To date, we offer 25+ color combinations and patterns to suit your bedroom interiors and give you a more premium sleeping experience.


Hypoallergenic. Temperature-regulating. Breathable. Oh, so buttery soft. 


With Celestial Silk mulberry silk pillowcases, you would long for sleep at the end of any day. Every pillowcase provides healthful benefits to your skin, hair, and the planet. Fortunately, our efforts don’t go unnoticed. Being featured in different online media has allowed us to prove the quality of our products. 


In 2022, we were featured as Top Rated Silk Pillowcase by Women’s Health based on Amazon reviews. Oprah Daily seconds the motion by picking Celestial Silk as a Top Choice for Silk Pillowcases. We have repeatedly showcased the benefits of our 25-momme silk pillowcases. This is seen in two media features mentioning Celestial Silk as the Best Silk Pillowcase with High Momme Count, by The Pioneer Woman and Women’s Wear Daily, individually.

The Wrap Up

The best silk pillowcase for hair provides comfortable, practical, and affordable everyday use in one go. Celestial Silk pillowcases are all of these traits combined and are the best you could ever have.


Over the years, Celestial Silk has proven to set high standards for silk pillowcases by producing premium sleeping experiences at affordable rates. Our pillowcases are made with 25 momme, pure mulberry silk. They care for your hair and skin while you sleep by providing an excellent moisture barrier, keeping allergens at bay, and being temperature-regulating for your highest comfort. 


For the best silk pillowcase for hair, have no second thoughts – Sleep beautifully. Sleep soundly. Sleep on a Celestial Silk pillowcase! 



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