Should I Get A Silk Pillowcase Without A Zipper?

Should I Get A Silk Pillowcase Without A Zipper?

You’ve inspected the momme count, considered the size, and picked the color. Now the next question is, what kind of enclosure should you get? Silk pillowcases are commonly garnished with either a zipper or envelope enclosure - each fantastic in its own way. But if you’re particular, these two choices could be tough. So to answer the question…

Should I get a silk pillowcase without a zipper?

Yes, if you have stuffy pillows that will snugly fill the pillowcase. Even without zippers, you can rest assured that the pillowcase will not budge or get disarrayed throughout the night. Meanwhile, zippered pillowcases are designed to keep slippery silk pillowcases in place, especially on flatter pillows.

Deciding on a zipper or envelope enclosure isn't the most significant decision you'll make in life. Still, the type of enclosure could affect the quality of your sleep, the appearance of your bed, and the convenience of slipping the pillowcase on or off during laundry day. The final decision will come down to your overall preference as an individual. So, should you get a silk pillowcase without a zipper or with a zipper? Take a look at some factors that can help determine the best choice.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Silk has been around for centuries, from ancient Chinese civilization to today’s modern era. It is the world’s finest fabric, so it’s only fair for silk to take pride in its many long-term benefits for its users.

  • Hair Health - Silk is made from fibroin proteins that produce its smooth and silky texture. With this attribute, silk prevents friction, which helps you avoid that crazy bedhead in the morning. Silk also allows your hair to maintain its natural oils thanks to its non-absorbent properties. 

  • Skin Health - In case you haven’t heard, silk is naturally hypoallergenic. That’s a pretty stellar characteristic for individuals with plenty of allergies, especially concerning fabrics or similar elements. You don’t need to have allergies to enjoy the wonders of a silk pillowcase. Dust mites, bacteria, and mold are unpleasant for everyone. A silk pillowcase takes away all these cleaning troubles by maintaining a fresh and hygienic material on its own. 

  • Sleep Quality and Comfort - Pillowcases are as important as the bed you sleep on. Both affect the quality of your sleep. In this case, a silk pillowcase helps you sleep better at night by keeping your skin and hair moisturized and temperature-controlled. Without excessive oils, dryness, or sweat, you can sleep more comfortably and wake up more energized. 

  • Given its amazing combination of hypoallergenic and non-absorbent nature, silk pillowcases are also quite a breeze to wash. Cold water is best combined with a mild or neutral pH detergent. 

    At Celestial Silk, our 25-momme mulberry silk pillowcases are durable enough for hand or machine washing, so you’ll have no problem with laundering. And in case you’re wondering, you can conveniently wash your silk pillowcase every 7 to 10 days.

    Comparison of pillows and the best pillowcase enclosure type | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories

    When To Use a Silk Pillowcase with Zipper?

    Silk is a slippery material. A zipper sewn on the pillowcase will help keep the pillow tucked nicely throughout the night. The best time to use a silk pillowcase zipper is if you’re a constant mover in your sleep. Also, if you have a habit of flipping your pillow at night, then a zippered pillowcase is your best chance of keeping your pillowcase where it belongs. 


    The zippers in our 25-momme silk pillowcases are small, hidden, and complementary to the color of the pillowcase. As far as comfort is concerned, you have no worries about sleeping peacefully at night - the zipper won’t disrupt your sleep or budge on its own.


    The pleasures and conveniences of a zippered pillowcase come with a tiny caveat. One of the cons of the zippered pillowcase is that the zipper is a moveable mechanical piece. If you’re trying to shove a stuffy pillow inside after each wash and, in the process, tugging hard to pull the zipper closed, the zipper will eventually give out. So as with anything delicate, be gentle with your silk pillowcase.

    When To Use a Silk Pillowcase without Zipper?

    Celestial Silk pillowcases without zippers have envelope enclosures. They are ideal if you already own a fat or fluffy pillow, as there is a better chance for the pillow to stay in place. A silk pillowcase without a zipper also has no moving parts or pieces, so that’s one less thing to worry about. A silk pillowcase without a zipper is easily recognizable with its hidden envelope flap, which “hugs” the pillow and keeps it secure.


    As with its cons, it can be difficult to keep the pillow steady and in place if it’s flat. Your silk pillowcase would have the tendency to move around as you sleep, which gives no guarantee that your pillow will still be fully covered the next morning. Although so far with quality, you can expect long-term durability, excellent weaving, and great benefits to boot.

    The Wrap Up

    Whichever kind of enclosure you choose for your pillowcase, you can have the assurance that our Celestial Silk pillowcases are made with 100% 25-momme mulberry silk on both sides of the pillowcase. Each style offers a unique look with a promised quality and durability to cradle you as you sleep.


    You can pick the best color for you and your bedroom from our vast collection of more than 25 colors and prints. Whether or not you choose a silk pillowcase without a zipper, your pillowcase can have a long silky life with proper laundering and gentle use.

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