Best Momme for Silk Pillowcases

Best Momme for Silk Pillowcases

Studies show how silk pillowcases can be complete game-changers for your sleeping routine. You get both the glitz and the benefits to your hair and skin. Yet beyond the silk and its famous extravagance, there’s one term many people can’t wrap their heads around: Momme. What is it, and why does it matter? How does it help achieve the best silk pillowcase quality? Above all else, what is the best momme for silk pillowcases?

What is the best momme for silk pillowcases? 25mm is the best momme for silk pillowcases. This momme count provides sufficient durability and premium feels while making the silk fabric breathable and comfortable for peaceful sleeping.

Clearly, we can’t get enough silk pillowcases. We love its benefits and honor the process it goes through. Momme count matters, and this blog post will tell you exactly why.

Why Momme Matters

Chart explaining momme count and measurement | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories

Momme is a Japanese form of weight measurement that expresses a weight (in pounds) for every 45 inches by 100 yards. The weight of the fabric corresponds to the momme count. For example, 20 pounds of silk fabric in a 45 in x 100 yd ratio would equate to 20 momme count. A momme count to silk is what thread count is to cotton.


Momme count is abbreviated as “mm” and pronounced as “moe-me.” By and large, momme count determines the quality of a silk product, be it a dress, scarf, headband, or pillowcase. A general guideline is this: the higher the momme count, the higher the quality. Of course, this comes with a caveat. Every silk product has the best corresponding momme count, which is why it matters to check the momme count of any silk item before you can determine that it has the best quality.


For instance, 30 pounds of silk (45” by 100 yards) means it has an equally high momme count. This means it’s made with excellent quality, right? Yes and no. While 30 mm contains a lot of silk per square inch, it’s not exactly compatible with silk pillowcases. Some have compared it to sleeping on drapes. No, thanks!


You see, this is why momme count matters. First, find authentic silk pillowcases, then you want to ensure they have the right momme count.

Momme Count and Quality

Still not sure of the best momme for your silk pillowcase? No worries, we’re here to help. In this section, let’s explore momme more and how they can best be used, depending on their count tier.

Low-Range Momme Count

A momme count could go as low as 3mm. Generally, any momme count that falls below 19 mm is considered to have a low momme count. For silk pillowcases, some brands will try to lowball consumers with 16 mm silk pillowcases, which objectively feel cheap, thin, and flimsy, so try not to go this route. 


19mm for a pillowcase is not bad, but it could be better. You want to raise your standards with silk pillowcases and opt for no less than 25mm. A low momme count between 16 to 20 mm is great for light garments like thin dresses and scarves, but you need more to make your silk pillowcase quality and conducive for sleeping.

High-Range Momme Count

It’s important to note that the momme count corresponds to the thickness or thinness of silk fabric. The highest momme count one typically sees is 30 mm. However, it almost feels like sleeping on drapes when applied to silk pillowcases.


Some brands use 30 mm silk in their pillowcases to add a higher pricing tier to their selection. Typically, 30 mm is too thick to sleep on, the complete opposite of a thin 19mm pillowcase. With silk pillowcases, a mid-range momme count is the best way to go. 


This brings us to our main point…

Our 25 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk

We didn’t mention mid-range momme count in the previous section because we were saving the best for last. 😉 Generally, 20 to 25mm count fit right in the middle of the whole momme spectrum - as far as silk is concerned. Anywhere from 22 to 25 mm is the best momme for silk pillowcases.


25-momme silk pillowcases provide more durability than 22mm. In the long run, you want your silk pillowcase to last as long as possible. For this reason, Celestial Silk carries 25 mm on all pure mulberry silk pillowcases. We have extensively researched and tested to create the best quality possible for all our silk lovers.


Our pure mulberry silk pillowcases are affordable.  We price our products fairly so everyone can sleep comfortably and beautifully at night.

Collection of Celestial Silk Pillowcases | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories

Final Thoughts

Low momme count pillowcases feel too thin and flimsy, while higher momme count feels too stiff and thick. For the best momme for silk pillowcases, opt for 25 mm, which is perfectly in the middle range. Silk is an investment for your sleeping satisfaction, hair and skin health, and overall well-being. Today’s sleep is essential for tomorrow’s productivity. You are worth the investment, so choose the best. 

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