How to Minimize Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Minimize Dark Circles Under Eyes


Feeling sleepy when you look into the mirror? Those dark under eye circles don’t exactly make you excited for the day. If anything, they make you feel like it’s time to go back to bed. Combat your winter-time loss of energy by ridding yourself of those pesky dark eye circles. Don’t hesitate to take care of yourself, it all begins with some self-care and a leveling up on your skincare routine. Start with the basics now and evaluate your skin needs before you purchase your new eye cream or serum.


Identify Your Particular Situation

As anti aging creams and hydro boosting serums hit the market by storm, you’ll need to start by identifying what your individual needs are with an honest appraisal of your skin. Make sure to note all your needs, not just your more prominent concerns. By paying attention to all your skin’s problem areas, you’ll be better at choosing the right product. Is your skin prone to redness? Do you struggle with dryness or oily skin? By starting with your entire face, your dark circles are sure to be addressed.


Start With the Basics

What is your nightly routine now? From your facewash down to your bed sheets, what products you use make all the difference. Focus on areas that may need improvement. One of the best investments you’ll find for skincare is silk pillowcases. While this won't be the first or last time you’ve read about the silk craze- maybe it’s about time you get on board. Silk has a multitude of benefits, and if you’re worried about eye bags, silk will definitely benefit you. Sleeping on silk changes your nightly routine by locking in your skin’s moisture; unlike cotton sheets which actually pull moisture away from your skin. Silk sheets prevent further breakouts, less hair breakage and can even help the overall fight against dark under eye circles.


Choose the Best Eye Cream for You

After analyzing your face’s complexion and skin type, you’re ready to focus more on a specific area - the eyes! Do you prefer serums or creams? What’s the difference between the two on your skin anyways? According to Manliness Kit, “serums are designed to penetrate deeper and contain more nutrients than cream. Serums in gel form are best for dark circles and heavy bags under the eye [while] more cream and lotion formulas work best for fine lines and wrinkles.” That’s a pretty big difference to note before you choose what eye cream is best for you.


Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Puffiness - Oh My!

Wrinkles and fine lines might be the first order of business on your list, or maybe puffy skin is something you’re tired of facing every time you wake up. What’s great about skin care, is addressing one problem can ultimately help a lot of other concerns. Addressing your dark eye circles also means addressing some other routine issues on your face’s skin. With that being said, we can’t stress this enough: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. But while many eye creams and serums claim they help reduce wrinkles, many just hydrate the skin. You’ll need to do more than just moisturize. Peptides are a popular fix to wrinkles nowadays, and here’s why: peptides stimulate collagen but also don’t make your face more sensitive. For puffiness, fluids and globules will accumulate under the skin, creating under eye bags overtime. You’ll want eye products containing the ability to breakdown some of that under eye build up if puffiness is something you deal with. Next time you shop for an eye cream or serum, make sure you know what ingredients you’re looking for.


Have You Heard of a Dermal Matrix?

Whether this is the first or hundredth time you’ve read about dermal matrix, welcome to some eye knowledge 101. Have you noticed how the skin under your eyes appears thinner and softer to the touch? This is due to your dermal matrix becoming thinner and therefore losing its elasticity. Combat the aging of your dermal matrix by thickening your skin cells through deep moisturizing and hydrating products. For example, peptides also promote new skin cell growth through a binding of moisture. While some of these steps could be overlooked, don’t miss learning more about how to care for your dermal matrix.


Goodbye Dark Circles

Many people have dark circles under their eyes. This can be an ongoing issue you’ve dealt with all your life, or something new to you due to your aging process. Regardless of when you started experiencing those pesky dark eye circles, we all would love to know how to eliminate them. Start by looking for products that combat blood originated pigmentation. Peptides help remove darkened skin cells, while plant stem cells prevent more dark circles. Seek out the right products for you, and see how happy your skin will be.

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