Collection: Silk Pillowcases

A true silk pillowcase is soft, buttery smooth and luxurious. You've heard about the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases. Have you been wondering where to get a silk pillowcase? Whether you're searching for a 100% silk pillowcase for hair benefits or allergy relief, Celestial Silk offers a variety of sizes and colors that will match any decor or lifestyle. If you prefer a more classic design, we recommend going with solid colors such as black, white, gray, navy blue, or chocolate. Or, if you prefer something more modern for your silk pillowcase, try out our bright colors or patterns like Abstract Dreamscape, aqua or hot pink. We also offer your choice of closure. Choose a silk pillowcase with a zipper or without a zipper, whichever option you like best. With over 28 colors, 3 sizes and 2 closure options in our 25 momme silk pillowcase collection, you're sure to find the perfect silk pillowcase for you.

NOTE: Identical pillowcases of the same color, size and style will be gift-wrapped in one gift box, unless otherwise requested. 


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