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Crystal Face Roller - Rose Quartz Roller (Beauty)

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Premium Crystal Face Roller - Rose Quartz Roller (Beauty)

Our Rose Quartz Roller is expertly handcrafted with genuine, natural Rose Quartz. These premium Crystal Face Rollers are a great addition to your self-care routine.

Rose quartz is said to have a calming effect and promote self-love. Used as a natural beauty booster throughout history, this gorgeous pink stone is perfect for soothing, nurturing, and enhancing your skincare routine.

Our Crystal Face Rollers help to:

  • Relieve tension

  • Depuff

  • Boost product absorption

  • Minimize fine lines

How They Work:

The dual sides of our Crystal Face Rollers give your entire face and neck the distinct attention they deserve. The large side is for larger areas, like your neck, cheeks and forehead, while the smaller side is designed for the delicate areas around your eyes as well as being a perfect fit for the palms of your hands. 

Easy Tips for Your Self-Care Routine

All of our premium Crystal Face Rollers arrive in a gift box with printed instructions for easy use so you can get started with your roller right away. 

Perfect for gift-giving!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great quality Quartz Roller

This quartz roller is a great gift for any occasion. I got it for my wife and she loves it. She uses it every night before bed because she says that it helps improve blood circulation and remove dark under eye circles. It's very well made and has the two stone sizes. The small roller is perfect for the eye area.

Dee J
The best face roller!

I use my roller for my face and under eye creams. Highly recommend keeping it in the refrigerator. I've tried several different gemstones, and this one is my favorite.

C. Johnson
Would make a thoughtful gift

I've been wanting to try a face roller because I've seen women perform face and neck massage for anti-aging. This product helps with massaging. It's cold to the touch. I liked how my face and neck felt after using it. I also liked the little instruction card. This would make a thoughtful gift, since it comes in a nice little box.

Lovely roller!

Quartz roller handle is a lovely feature. It's made well - made of natural rose quartz and has a good weight. Great daily tool for anti-aging! I try to use the roller when I watch Netflix. The stone provides a cool, soothing feel. I like using the roller over sheet masks - I feel like my skin absorbs the mask's ingredients better. Lovely gift item especially with the elegant little box. Highly recommend!

Bonnie H
Genuine rose quartz roller

I don't really buy into gemstone "healing energies" but they are pretty to look at. This one is genuine rose quartz and has plenty of fracture lines, inclusions, and formations as expected from a natural stone. The small roller, large roller, and even the handle are rose quartz. They're cold to the touch. They're not magic workers, but they do seem to help with blood flow. I have a glow after rolling my face. I like the small roller so I can roll around my eyes, and then the large roller get the rest of my face. I haven't noticed a huge difference in skin tone, but at least this feels nice on my face. I'll keep this on rotation for a weekly facial massage. There's a good heft to the handle and both rollers roll smoothly. It was tumbled beautifully and it's a nice gemstone piece. It'd make a nice gift.