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Crystal Face Roller - Obsidian Roller (Release)

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Premium Crystal Face Roller - Obsidian Roller (Release)

Our Obsidian Roller is expertly handcrafted with genuine, natural Obsidian. These premium Crystal Face Rollers are a great addition to your self-care routine.

Obsidian is said to have a de-stressing effect and promote deep release. This gorgeous black mineral is perfect for soothing, nurturing, and enhancing your skincare routine.

Our Crystal Face Rollers help to:

  • Relieve tension

  • Depuff

  • Boost product absorption

  • Minimize fine lines

How They Work:

The dual sides of our Crystal Face Rollers give your entire face and neck the distinct attention they deserve. The large side is for larger areas, like your neck, cheeks and forehead, while the smaller side is designed for the delicate areas around your eyes as well as being a perfect fit for the palms of your hands. 

Easy Tips for Your Self-Care Routine

All of our premium Crystal Face Rollers arrive in a gift box with printed instructions for easy use so you can get started with your roller right away. 

Perfect for gift-giving!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I found the holy grail!

I love putting it in the freezer and using it in the morning. It soothes and refreshes my face for the day. I use it everyday! I love it!

Guinevive P.

Exactly as described. The roller is smooth with no imperfections. It's Beautiful.

Tamara A.
Amazing results

This face roller is amazing! And, believe it or not, it shows amazing results!

Marianne G
Beautiful face roller

Love it. The stone has a nice thickness to it, but it rolls very smoothly.

Isabel G.
Love the product, beautiful packaging

Love the product, beautiful packaging. Your skin feels great after using.