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The Benefits of Using a Celestial Silk Eye Mask

Sleep masks are often purchased for their cuteness factor, think Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But what about their health benefits? Are there scientific explanations behind the usage of silk eye masks? Does silk have advantages over other fabrics?


What are the benefits of using a silk eye mask? Silk eye masks are made with hypoallergenic, breathable, and non-absorbent properties that help retain moisture around the eyes and provide a comfortable fabric on the face while blocking off the light and visual distractions as you sleep.


Silk sheets and pillowcases are touted for being naturally hypoallergenic and providing health and beauty benefits. Silk eye masks offer similar benefits to help you sleep soundly and wake refreshed and rejuvenated. Check out our top benefits and consider adding a Celestial Silk Eye Mask to your bedtime routine!

☁️ Better Sleep Quality

We couldn’t agree more when the Dalai Lamai said, “Sleep is the best meditation.” 


Sleep is essential for one’s overall health and it affects our mental health the most. With proper nutrition, daily movement, and reduced stress, great sleep typically follows through. Besides managing your serotonin levels, our silk sleep masks can help you achieve those 8 hours you deserve.


Thick sleep masks feel hot and uncomfortable on the face. They also feel heavier and are typically made with non-breathable fabrics. Meanwhile, silk is breathable and lightweight. The fabric itself is easy on the eyes and is non-abrasive, which makes it a top choice for bedding, sleepwear, and sleep accessories. Most importantly, silk adapts to the mold of the face so there are no odd gaps where light can go through. 


Celestial Silk eye masks are made with charmeuse weave for tight space between the silk threads. This effectively transfers heat and humidity excess so you are kept comfortable throughout your sleep, no matter the season, weather, or room temperature. Of course, a silk eye mask also feels like a face massage, offering great touch stimulation that lulls you to sleep! 😴

☁️ Retains Moisture Around Your Eyes

Ordinary eye masks may be able to block out light. Still, they also can draw away much-needed moisture from your eyes as you sleep. Eyes need moisture 24/7 and are essential to our everyday bodily functions, so they deserve plenty of care and attention.


Regular eye masks like cotton are accessible and cheap to purchase, but we would instead suggest you save them for clothing and not for sleeping. In fact, studies show that cotton can absorb water up to 24-27 times its own weight. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in the world, but it lacks certain benefits compared with silk. 


Celestial Silk’s mulberry silk sleep masks have moisturizing properties that help to retain moisture for a glowing complexion naturally. It’s the dense weave of silky-smooth fibers that keeps moisture close to your skin as you sleep at night. This extra moisture can reduce lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. You can also wear night cream at night without the worries of it rubbing away. In fact, silk can help the skin around your eyes absorb face products better for more significant results and glowing skin when you wake up in the morning.

☁️ Great Travel Accessory

The Benefits of Using a Silk Eye Mask | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories

People travel for different reasons and frequencies. Some travel sporadically and locally. Others claim themselves to be citizens of the world and stop at nothing to explore the world’s every country, city, and town. When most of your days are spent traveling, you’d know that great naps are a luxury. A quick snooze here and there gives you a short burst of energy sufficient to get you through a hectic day.


But when you are seated beside a passenger who refuses to turn off the overhead light and on a red-eye flight, it can test your patience and postpone your goals of stealing much-needed Z’s. Celestial Silk sleep masks are easy to pack in your carry-on and are a lifesaver on those long flights. And when you finally arrive at your destination and find your room lacking proper curtains, you’ll be relieved to have your favorite silk eye mask right in your bag.

☁️ Suitable for Sensitive Skin and Eyes

Individuals with sensitive skin are all too familiar with the intricacies and struggles of choosing safe products, food, and activities for their well-being. Sleeping is one of the most basic activities we do as humans, however, it adds another step for people with skin conditions. 


Conditions like eczema and dermatitis cause dry skin, peeling, and redness on your face and around your eyes. Certain fibers should be avoided at all costs. This includes polyester, nylon, acrylics, and rayon, to name a few. For the same reason, sensitive skin loves silk, especially 100% pure mulberry silk floss.


Sensory sensitivity and overstimulation are two other factors that contribute to poor sleep quality. Believe it or not, pre-strained eyes during the day can keep you tossing and turning all night long. Our silk eye masks can help nurture those tired eyes and make a world of difference between a restless evening and a deep slumber.


While materials like cotton can tug your skin and absorb moisture, causing irritation and unwanted creases, silk is quite the opposite! Pure silk eye masks are very gentle and breathable, protecting the delicate skin around your eyes. Genuine silk is made with smooth, non-irritating fibers. Unlike other fabrics, silk doesn’t absorb moisture from the skin, allowing it to stay hydrated and prevent dryness. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for use by anyone. And to top off its wonderful benefits, silk feels ah-mazing against the skin!

☁️ More Affordable Than Black Out Curtains

Massive windows can be beautiful and dramatic for the right occasions. But unless you enjoy the city night lights streaming inside your bedroom while catching Z’s, you need something to block off all the lights. 


Day to day, we are exposed to multiple types and sources of light. So how does this impact our sleep? In March 2022, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published an article concluding that light exposure during sleep impairs cardiometabolic function. The same article states that “light exposure during sleep increases nighttime heart rate, decreases heart rate variability, and increases next-morning insulin resistance when compared to sleep in a dimly lit environment.” 


Read: To stay healthy, sleep better.


Blackout curtains are the top choice for effectively blocking off light in the evening, although they can be pretty expensive and tend to darken the room further during the day with their black aesthetic.


If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Celestial Silk Eye Masks are very effective in blocking out ambient light. These are made with a charmeuse weave for a delicate feel yet strong finish and are filled with pure mulberry silk floss for added comfort and refinement. 


Each silk sleep mask is made with easily adjustable straps to meet your comfort level. Whether you like wearing your eye mask loosely, tightly, or in between, rest assured that our silk eye mask will not budge in your sleep. Enjoy all these benefits from a percentage of a cost of a blackout curtain. Best sleeping experience for the money!

Celestial Silk Eye Masks

Eye masks, in general, help block off the light and other visual distractions to give you better sleep quality. Even better, silk eye masks provide a comfortable and silky touch that molds perfectly to the face to ensure that no light seeps through the mask.


Celestial Silk eye masks are gorgeous and functional. The smooth, cool texture of our pure mulberry silk eye masks adds a little luxury to your nightly routine. Celestial Silk eye masks are perfect for catching a quick nap on a long flight and are durable enough for continued nightly use. For that added touch of delicacy and refinement, our silk sleep masks are filled with pure mulberry silk floss to help give you the rejuvenating sleep that you're looking for. 


With a silk-covered adjustable elastic strap, size and comfort can be personalized. We offer 6 beautiful designs to choose from. Browse our Silk Sleep Masks collection today!

The Benefits of Using a Silk Eye Mask | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Accessories
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