Silk Hair Ties For Your Hair and Accessory Style this Fall

Silk Hair Ties For Your Hair and Accessory Style this Fall

mulberry silk scrunchies for hair

The 80’s are back; along with big hair, chunky belts and hair scrunchies. While you might be digging through your closet for any gem you used to sport, try out our silk hair ties to be both trendy and hair happy.


Our silk hair ties are made with 100% grade 6A mulberry silk and are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. The silk material keeps all hair types healthier by reducing frizz and breakage which comes from the friction in other hair ties. It even prevents hair loss and thinning.


Not only is it practical for your hair, the silk also adds glamour, luxury and elegance. The comfortable feel of these silk hair ties overshadow normal hair ties, and even prevent hair creases. In fact, the “pineapple” technique is ideal for your permed or natural curls with these silk scrunchies on deck. The silk is actually the preferred material for next-day curls as it doesn’t dry your hair out or leave any indents.


So while you might be dusting off your shoulder-padded jacket and Levis, be sure to check out the new scrunchie hairstyles being sported. Our silk scrunchies match any outfit with the three piece set available: charcoal, ivory and pink.


Silk represents elegance and comfort. The practical nature of using silk hair ties is undeniable, but the trend of throwback fashion makes them that much better. Get the three piece set today for both healthier hair and a more stylish accessory. Whether in bed using the pineapple technique, out and about sporting a scrunchie hairstyle or saving it on your wrist, Celestial Silk hair ties fit into your everyday hair routine.


Keep your hair stylish, healthy and happy.

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