How Silk Pillowcases Fit in with the Color of Year

How Silk Pillowcases Fit in with the Color of Year

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Is Classic Blue

Every December there’s a buzz in air, and not just about the holidays. Pantone announces their Color of the Year. Designers put color schemes together. Beauty tips announce which cosmetics to apply in the new year. Companies rush around to incorporate the Color of the Year with their vision to offer new products.

Pantone chose Classic Blue to start a new decade with stability and dependability. Just the ideals people are yearning for.

With only the first month of 2020 past, there’s still plenty of time to incorporate 2020s color.


When did Pantone start choosing their Color of the Year?

We’re celebrating two decades of Colors of the Year. Pantone chose its first Color of the Year in 2000. Cerulean Blue – representing tranquility and calm - was chosen for the new millennium. (For more Pantone colors history, check out blog post. It’s informative and visually appealing.)

Hmmm… different decades, different blues.


Back to 2020 – Paint Your Walls (or nails) Blue

Blue represents calm and confidence. Ah yes, a serene and confident self. Sounds pretty good. And if a color helps represent – we’re onboard.

Pantone has some fantastic ideas to bring the 2020 color of the year into your home. Featuring different themes from a fun snorkeling theme to a vast theme representing desert twilight.

Harper’s Bazaar highlights some great nail designs for 2020. Some blue, some celestial –and they’re all impressive. Sure – some elaborate designs look like they took an hour – with a team. Others are cute ideas that take no longer than any nail job.


Moving Away from Paint

Like Harper’s Bazaar says, "Classic Blue" may be Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year, but blues of all variations will be big”.

Don’t feel up to painting your walls? Feel more like throwing some extra color on the bed? Even better – how about adding some beauty sleep into the mix?  Celestial Silk can help with that.  Like all trends, there are variations, and our navy blue silk pillowcase fits perfectly with Pantone’s Classic Blue.  Snuggle up and relax. Surround yourself with blue and breathe in some calm.

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