Hello, Marble

Hello, Marble

Marble is an inspiration that depicts classy, modern and subdued, yet grand aesthetic. With new phone cases, laptop protectors and cute add ons trending with marble designs, it might just be the new black for house decor. Made with 100% pure mulberry silk, our pillowcases are high quality, durable and luxurious; a commentary towards the recent increase of marble designs and styles. With our new line of printed pillowcases, marble seemed the best first print to match our silky cases.  After all, you spend about a ⅓ of your life in bed, why not make sure that time is spent in comfort and style?


Marble is one of the oldest, most known stones first used heavily in ancient Greece and Rome. This stone was used because of its beauty, a result of limestone pressurized for an extended period of time. Nearly 2000 years later, the structural and aesthetic purposes of this stone is still appreciated in cultures today. While the use of marble is more commonly known through marble countertops and tiles, our new pillowcase pattern is eye-catching, resembling the beauty and grace of its natural creation.


While cotton sheet quality is measured by thread counts, silk quality is measured by the type of weight, nicknamed momme or abbreviated as MM. Our 25 mm silk is thicker and made with 30 percent more silk than lighter weight pillowcases, kind of like a marble countertop versus the original counters. Order these high quality, stylish cases in three different sizes (standard, queen and king) and enjoy them in a variety of colors. To really spruce up your home style, try our new marble prints.


Our pillowcases come in two styles: zippered and envelope. Both snugly fit your pillow and capture the silky, marble designs of our new pillowcases. Pick your style today, and shop more of our luxury products now. As a bonus to help your sleep even better, 10 percent of our proceeds help feed, shelter, clothe and educate those in need.


Sleep Soundly. Sleep Beautifully. Sleep in Silk.

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