Have You Heard of Our Rewards Program Yet?

Have You Heard of Our Rewards Program Yet?


If you haven’t heard of our rewards program, you won’t want to miss signing up now. With opportunities to earn celestial star points and redeem them for awesome discounts, it makes shopping in silk fun and breezy.


Become a Member

 celestial silk referral program celestial stars

Becoming a member of our Celestial Silk rewards program is simple. Scroll down on our home page and you’ll find a little black button on the bottom right. Just click it to learn more about celestial star points and referrals. Select “join now” to begin earning your exclusive rewards and discounts.


Earn Celestial Stars


One way to unlock exciting perks is through earning celestial star points. After earning 500 points, enjoy five dollars off, or save up your points for a $15 or $75 discount after you’ve earned 1,000 or 2,500 celestial stars. The points add up quickly and are easy to earn. Liking Celestial Silk on Facebook earns you 100 points while reviewing one of our products earns you 200 points. You’ll be surprised how quickly your celestial stars add up. For just signing up you earn 200 points, and we throw in an extra 200 points on your birthday. That’s over 500 points already! Regardless of how active you want to be, simply shopping earns you points as well.


Refer Your Friends

celestial silk referral program refer friends to earn stars


If you’re on board with sleeping in silk, you’ve probably already spread the word to all your friends. With our Celestial Silk rewards program, both you and your friends can enjoy the benefits of your membership. When you refer a friend they get a 10% off coupon and you will get 250 celestial star points! In this article alone, you’re already on your way to 1,000 celestial star points, it’s as easy as that.


If you love sleeping in silk, you won’t want to miss out on the exclusive perks and discounts that being a member offers. Whether you want a new silk sheet set or extra pillowcases, our membership means you’ll be able to surround yourself in even more silk. Share the secret of sleeping in silk with your friends, and your crew will be feeling wonderful after a good night’s sleep.

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