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silk pillowcases make great valentines gifts

Fun Ideas for 2020 Valentine's (& Galentine's) Day

February 05, 2020

A Day for Love

Although the history of Valentine’s Day is a little murky– Valentine’s Day has shaped into something people love, hate or ignore. It can be fun getting dressed up and spending the night doing something special with a special someone. Or it can be a reminder that there is no special someone to celebrate with. Then there’s the camp that says Valentine’s Day is just a day turned into a holiday by the greeting card conglomerate. 

Then there's others that celebrate Galentine’s Day instead.

 Galentine’s Day

Created by a sit-com a decade ago, Galentine’s Day (February 13th) has morphed into something real. It's is a day to celebrate female friends. Anything you have fun doing together is the best way to celebrate the day.

 Short on time?

  • Make a morning date to grab some coffee together.
  • Send a funny text or old photo of you two. 

 Have an evening?

  • Watch movies (think – A League of Their Own, Mean Girls)  and make some sweet popcorn.
  • Go for dinner and drinks.

 Long distance?

And since we're always thinking of you - Celestial Silk pillowcases arrive gift-wrapped, making it that much easier for you to send something special.


Valentine’s Day

If you’re part of the 50% that does plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day – it’s a special day to express love and friendship. Going out for dinner and a movie is the typical Valentine’s Day schedule. That's fun, but how about something different for a new decade? 

  • Star-gazing with an Irish Coffee (or hot chocolate) can be intimate and memorable. And you just might get to make a wish together. 
  • Playing some games at an arcade isn't just for kids. Arcades catered to the over 18 crowd are popping up everywhere.  Plus you can either win a cute stuffed bear to commemorate 2020 Valentine's Day or donate your winnings to a kid (and feel good about a random act of kindness).  
  • Or, how about an old-fashioned love letter. You know, the kind with ink and paper? 

If you’re more into gifting on Valentine’s Day, luxe gifts always impress. There’s the standard wine, chocolate and flowers. But a gift that has no calories and is still alive after a week can be good too.   

A silk pillowcase makes a great Valentine’s gift. It’s a gift that keeps giving night-after-night. Not only does a silk pillowcase provide hair benefits, but it feels oh-so-good. And they’ll remember that those oh-so-good feelings are because of you. And that is never a bad thing. 

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Once the delicate whisper of luxurious silk caresses your skin, you'll never go back to any other bedding. 

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