Fall Into Your New Autumn Color Palette By Sleeping in Red

Fall Into Your New Autumn Color Palette By Sleeping in Red

With November hitting mid-month, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Autumn weather means colder nights, drier air and dewy mornings. It is a magical time of the year, watching leaves fall and the weather change. The colors of fall start to surround you, nothing quite catching your eye like the vibrant hues of red. Red is a powerful color — representing passion, love, confidence and precision. Of all the fall-esque sweaters you own, your red one probably always catches your eye first.



As one of the most eye-catching colors, wearing and seeing red actually impacts us. Wearing red makes us more confident. With the vibrant nature of this color, it boosts emotions, catches more attention and ignites energy. Sleeping in a red 100% mulberry pillowcase only etches us with more red-hued benefits. As the dryer months seep in, keep your skin and hair locked with moisture from the silk and awake to the energizing color of your pillowcase. You’ll feel and visualize the benefits of your sleep cycle.



Fall and winter are the times to enjoy the various color palettes of red as decorations and retail stores already do most of the work for you. If you prefer the fall hues of yellow and orange, you know the palette is not complete without red. House aesthetics and clothing accessories are spruced up with a dynamic accent. As red starts to surround you, feel the benefits of this color through implementing the visual into your daily routine.


With an excuse to indulge in red in the upcoming months of fall and leading up to Valentine’s Day, surround yourself with this emotional color as you reflect on your previous year and recollect for the upcoming new year. Red is one of the most dynamic visuals, inspiring us to take action, attract positivity and ignite passion. Snuggle into the changing seasons with our red pure mulberry silk pillowcases, and fall in love with the colors of autumn.


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