Do Silk Scrunchies Work?

Do Silk Scrunchies Work?

Do silk scrunchies work?

At first glance, it might seem like a slightly odd question, but it's a question that we get asked quite a bit. The short answer is yes. But we can answer that question a little better than a quick: "Yes, silk scrunchies work." 

It seems like when they ask that question, most people really mean, "Do silk scrunchies live up to their claims?" And deeper down, people really want to know, "Are silk scrunchies worth it?" And by "worth it," the truer question is, "Are silk scrunchies worth spending money on?" 

Again - the short answer to all of the questions is Yes - silk scrunchies are worth it. But there are actually valid, real and scientific reasons why silk scrunchies "work" and why they are "worth it." 

Silk Scrunchies are Safe and Natural

Silk is a natural fiber, meaning it comes from the earth and isn't manmade. Our silk scrunchies are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means our silk goes through independent 3rd party testing for chemicals. Those tests show there's never harmful chemicals during any stage of processing.

Why is this important? First you have the earth's health to consider. Making items from natural fibers produces much less waste and is more sustainable than manmade synthetic materials. Silk is also compostable. 

And more specifically and personally, you want to surround yourself with natural items, so that your body isn't absorbing harmful chemicals.

Naturally Curly has great article, "Can Toxins be Absorbed through Hair." While you typically think of being careful about ingredients in hair care products, think of how much time a silk scrunchie spends in your hair or on your wrist (skin - the body's largest organ).

Silk Scrunchies are Smooth

The most important reason we can explain why silk scrunchies work, or live up to their claims, is the fact that the charmeuse silk is smooth. Silk fibers are naturally soft and thin. Those thin, soft strands can make a tight weave, which helps give silk its renowned smooth texture. And that slipperiness allows the material to gently slide over hair without causing damage. By avoiding pulling and tugging, the silk prevents breakage and frizz. This is true for both silk pillowcases and silk scrunchies. 

That's why so many people choose silk scrunchies to use during the day or in their bun or braids at bedtime. When they move during the night, the silk's gentle movement against the hair follicles avoids causing abrasions. 

Because of the smooth texture, and firm but gentle hold, silk scrunchies also prevent those ponytail creases and dents. 

Alternatives to Silk Scrunchies

Let's talk about the alternatives of scrunchies for a second. 

We've seen scrunchies made of natural materials, like wool and cotton. And then there's the popular (cheaper) silk alternatives like polyester velvet and polyester satin scrunchies.

Wool and cotton are natural fibers, but you don't really want those materials in your hair (they don't have the same smooth slippery texture of silk), so they can cause frizz and damage.

Polyester velvet and satin scrunchies have a smoother texture than cotton or wool, but they're made of a chemical laden mess of plastic that's made from petroleum.

Yes, you read that right - polyester is a chemical mess.

Do you really want that in your hair (or on your wrist)?  GoodFair has a great article, "What is polyester made of?" that says, "In terms of the science, it’s a super-strong polymer made of a mixture of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid."

I certainly don't want that in my hair! 

While of course, we choose Celestial Silk scrunchies, we aren't the only ones! In a recent HollywoodLife article, Highest Rated Silk Scrunchies, Celestial Silk scrunchies were featured as the Best Overall Silk Scrunchies for 2022. 

And that, is why we answer with an emphatic "Yes!" when we get asked the question, "Do Silk Scrunchies Work?" 

If you're interested in shopping our silk scrunchies, we have over 3 sizes and over 25 color combos to choose from. 

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