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Silk Pillowcase - Embroidered Mr. & Mrs. Silk Pillowcase Pair

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Perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts - our elegantly embroidered Mr. and Mrs. silk pillowcases are made with 25 momme pure mulberry silk. A hidden zipper closure helps keep the pillowcase neatly arranged on the pillow for a polished look. 

The embroidered letters are an elegant cursive style with an understated size. Perfect for making a romantic statement, but small enough that the elegant lettering doesn't interfere with the smooth texture of the silk. Sleeping on the pillowcases is still very comfortable. 

A 25 momme silk is thicker, more durable and more luxurious than lighter momme weights. Able to withstand daily usage and regular laundering, a denser weave of 25 mm silk provides almost 30 percent more silk than its economical counterparts. Our 25 mm mulberry silk pillowcase is truly the epitome of luxury sleeping. The embroidered Mr. and Mrs. silk pillowcase set is a gift that is both practical and luxurious. Carefully wrapped in white tissue paper, the set arrives in a black embossed gift box with Celestial Silk gold lettering. 

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Once the delicate whisper of luxurious silk caresses your skin, you'll never go back to any other bedding. 

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