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Silk Hair Ties - Dark Taupe, Navy and Ivory (Large)

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Mulberry silk scrunchies keep all hair types healthier and more manageable by reducing the friction that leads to frizz, breakage and hair loss. 

Celestial Silk hair ties are more comfortable than normal hair ties and they help prevent hair creases. Not just practical - silk is always elegant. A touch of silk adds a little luxury and subtle glamour to everyday hair care routines.

Stylish, practical and luxurious. 

3 Piece Silk Scrunchie Set Includes: Dark Taupe, Navy and Undyed Ivory Silk Scrunchies

Celestial Silk scrunchies are made with 100% grade 6A mulberry silk and are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. 

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Once the delicate whisper of luxurious silk caresses your skin, you'll never go back to any other bedding. 

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