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Luxury Silk Bedding for Wedding

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Charcoal Gray

Luxury silk sheets. Romantic. Elegant. Sensual. Imagine that special night - you and your soulmate surrounded with only love and luxurious silk sheets. After that wonderfully busy, yet bliss-filled wedding day, you'll both be ready for an unforgettably special night. Luxury silk bedding provides a sensually regal experience that will turn your memorable night into an experience that you get to relive every night you slip into bed.

Luxurious and practical.  Incredibly romantic and sensual. And lasting. Unlike candles that burn out by the morning or roses that fade away after a week, luxury silk bed sheets can be enjoyed for years. 

The words "I do" symbolize a special bond that ties soulmates together. A wedding isn't about one day - it's celebrating the journey of two individuals sharing their lives, experiences and joys.

Wrapped in gold tissue, placed lovingly in their box and finished with a special wedding themed ribbon, our  wedding silk sheet sets make elegant wedding gifts. 22 momme and 25 momme silk sheet sets combine more silk strands per square inch to make a more durable, longer lasting sheet set. 

Gorgeous silk wedding sheets add excitement and luxury not only to that already unforgettable night, but to every night after that. Find the perfect luxury silk sheet set now. 

Pillow Case (2) - 20" X 30"
Flat Sheet - 91" X 102"
Fitted Sheet - 60" X 80" X 16"

Pillow Case (2) - 20" X 36"
Flat Sheet - 108" X 102"
Fitted Sheet - 78" X 80" X 16"



Once the delicate whisper of luxurious silk caresses your skin, you'll never go back to any other bedding. 

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