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White Marble Silk Pillowcase, Eye Mask & Scrunchies Gift Set

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Celestial Silk White Marble Silk Pillowcase, Silk Sleep Eye Mask and Silk Scrunchies Gift Set Bundle makes a great gift for any sleeping beauty.

Pampering silk feel so luxurious at the end of the day. The soft, smooth silk looks great on any bed, and it feels sublime (and helps achieve healthier skin and hair).  Filled with high grade mulberry silk floss, a pure silk eye mask creates the perfect sleep atmosphere.

With an adjustable strap, the sleep mask can be personalized for comfort. 

Not just for looks - silk actually helps with a sounder sleep. Silk is temperature-regulating (keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter) and is hypoallergenic- perfect for allergy-sufferers.

Choose between zipper or envelope closure, and one of three pillowcase sizes: 

Standard (20"x26") 

Queen (20"x30")

King (20"x36") 

If you're unsure of the size, the queen size is most popular and can easily accommodate a standard size pillow. 

The gift set arrives in an elegant textured black gift box, with both the silk pillowcase, eye mask & scrunchies lovingly wrapped with tissue paper. 

*Our typical tissue paper is white, but on request, we can make your gift more personal and meaningful. We're happy to use holiday themed tissue paper, add a ribbon or handwrite a personalized  message. Just type in your request in the Notes section during checkout. 

Gift Set Includes: One 25 Momme Silk Pillowcase, one silk eye mask, and three thick silk scrunchies. 


Once the delicate whisper of luxurious silk caresses your skin, you'll never go back to any other bedding. 

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